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Last Update 4 年前

To begin, go to the AdminSports menu > Schedule Management > Assign Referees. Choose which season and section you'd like to assign for, and then you will see the grid of games along with the various types of referees your organization has request (such as center ref, mentor ref, shadow ref, etc.)

Begin typing a name into a text box to select a referee. The list of available referees matching that name will automatically show below. If a referee is not showing up, they may not have volunteered properly on the Admin Portal.

Emails will be sent out to the referees you chose, and they will be able to come to the site and accept or reject the games you assigned. Each referee assignment cell will show either Pending, Accepted, or Rejected, and the time and date.

Optional: Gather referee availability beforehand

We also have a built-in Referee Availability webform that you can use to find out which referees are available at what times! Just send the link to all your referees, and they can fill in the dates and times they can do. We can customize this to fit any number of dates and times, or even gather additional information as well.

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