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To begin your MYSA affiliation, go to Affiliation Extract in the Admin Portal sidebar.

Here you can download an affiliation report that is specifically formatted according to MYSA Affiliation guidelines. In most cases you will want to download the full year-to-date download (US Soccer will automatically remove any duplicate players already in the system). In special cases we also offer an incremental download, which only includes new registrations since you last generated a report.

What do I do with this file?

Now that you have your affiliation file, please follow MYSA's instructions to upload it to their new US Soccer Connect platform: MYSA Instructions

Helpful hints

• In most cases you will only need to download the Players file, since MYSA no longer accepts affiliation downloads for adults. We still offer the Adults file for download, since some clubs find it to be a helpful organizational tool.

• If the expected players are not showing up in your download, go to Manage Seasons and make sure your current season has the proper sport year selected, and that the "Include in affiliation year" checkbox is checked.

• If you import this file into a spreadsheet program like Excel, make sure the program doesn't strip off the leading "0" from ZIP codes beginning with 0.

• Wondering about file naming conventions? The filename no longer matters with the new system MYSA is using.

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