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No matter what kind of credit or refund you wish to give, the first step is always to create a credit on the family's account. This is sort of like "store credit" - They will be able to use this credit to pay for any registration in any current or future seasons, and it never expires.

Note: If you are withdrawing a player, moving them to the "Withdrawn" program automatically generates a credit on their account for the program amount, so don't create a duplicate credit!

  1. Go to the Family's account page.
  2. Click the Family Financial button
  3. Find the transaction that you would like to apply a credit to, and click the Admin Credit button below it. This will bring up a window where you can choose how much to credit them, and what kind of credit to apply. A "Checked out" credit will be applied to the invoice immediately, so it cannot be turned into a refund later. A "Not checked out" credit will not immediately affect the family's balance, instead they will be able to use it for a future registration, or you will be able to refund it back to their credit card.

Optional: Use the credit to refund the family

To actually refund a family so they receive the funds back to their card, you will first need to give them a Not Checked Out credit as described above. Once you have done this, you will see the credit as a "Not checked out" item on their Financial ledger.

Under this credit, you will see a button called On-File Refund. You can use this button to process a refund in the amount of that credit.

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