How do I accept volunteers?

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Emile Hamwey

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Accepting volunteers as coaches is a multi-step process.

  1. Go to Manage Volunteers. Choose a season (and optionally a specific position or program) and click Search. Now you will see everyone who has volunteered for those programs.
  2. Check the "Accept" checkbox next to all volunteers you'd like to accept, then hit the Accept Volunteers button.
  3. The selected volunteers will disappear from the Manage Volunteers page, and will now show up on the Manage Coaches page.
  4. If you need to include the coach in a state affiliation file, such as MYSA for soccer, click the Active checkbox next to their name and click the "Update Active State" button.
  5. To change a coach's position or program from the one they originally requested, click their name to open and edit their detailed coach record.

Why are some coaches highlighted in green?

Coaches are highlighted in green if they are already MYSA-affiliated. New coaches will not be MYSA-affiliated yet, since you already have to be an active coach to show up when your MYSA affiliation is submitted.

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